RAN at Pantelleria

We are abeam the island of Pantelleria, sailing past it from north west. The 70 miles from Trapani were under 10 knots of wind from north west. So from where we are to Lampadusa island which is our next way point, it is 82 miles. We are still sailing with 10 knots. This wind will be dying shortly according to latest forecast. But so far it is a reality and a true pleasure to experience…We are holding our breath; so lucky to now have constant wind, no rain, and no abnormal gusts. Crew on deck is happy and still quite concentrated: we know these seas can be deceiving. One minute 5 knots next minute 25 knots. So in other words, happy days! We are catching up after all. Another third of the race was achieved: we have about 190 miles or so to go till grand Harbour in Valetta.
As for competition, Esimit is approximately 50 miles ahead of us, Stig is visible at around 5 miles behind us, Med Spirit 70 is next to her approximately same distance. Again, so far so good, patience has paid, keeping very close to where the wind was during the night…

Breakfast was served, muesli-ish. The kettle is on for the mid-watch rotations for coffees and teas. Pantellaria is behind the clouds in the background. Nice view on deck although quite misty and cloudy.

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