We have just passed the famous and only Trapani. Which means we are half way in the course of the race. Hurrah! Let’s hope the second half will be shorter time. Challenge to take up!

Had we passed Trapani during the day, maybe we would have see this Medieval town, known apparently for its Basilica-Sanctuary “Madonna di Trapani” built early 1300?… Maybe next time.
Meanwhile after some wind and some distance to our competition Stig, we are back in our usual situation. Here is how it goes: “humm the wind had shut down…” – “Well, do you think we go back to the drifter?” (See previous blog ;-)…”Humm yes that is the best option, there is really no other option right now”… So here comes our best buddy, the drifter. And this is how it is done on Rán II these days! We have now 32 miles to the island of Marettimo which is that little island west to Sicily, heading 240 degrees from where we are.

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