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28/10/10 11:00

Beppe Bisotto racing his custom 42 with co-skipper, Ian Knight describes the wild conditions north west of Sicily and his plans for the future.

No way to pass Favignana island as we stopped 10 hours with no wind and missed the shift, blowing at SW force 7 straight into the face, with forecast predicting force 8 on the back, more than this, to Pantelleria force 7 Sw in the nose was forcasted ..surrounded by gales we decided to stop and avoid any possible damage do not forget that we were only 2 handed instead of a full crew of 8 to 10 many boats.

By the way we are happy to have raced faster than many bigger boats with full crew ATAME is definitely solid, fast and reliable.

Next year the plans are outstanding! – prossimo anno il programma e’ fenomenale …

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN CHERSO – ORC / circuito 1000 miglia Double handed / Palermo to Montecarlo / Rolex Middlesea Race.

as soon as my wife will know this, she will hang me on the wall as a butterfly (she must catch me first …)

stay with ATAME !  (see PEDRO ALDOMOVAR movie  just Google ATAME)

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