As the sun appeared over the horizon this morning Stromboli was close, very close, we had found some ladders during the night, and a few sail changes too, the stay sails had been dropped , the mizzen to. The start of the graveyard shift at 1am with very blurry eyes consisted of a gybe then a peel to the Asy and then shortly after onto the No1.

We have it seems for the first time since sunset on day one had some breaks, we played the shifts to keep the boat moving well and have been happy with our performance.

The compression has of course favoured our little Classic and at the last check of the leader board we have risen up the rankings to 4th overall, screen shots have been taken!

Breakfast was a Greek omelette and some fresh coffee, absolutely delicious. We are now chasing down Stormy and Winsome fetching in 5 knots of breeze on a heading of 252.

Still many more twists and turns ahead I’m sure. But we are happy ship for now and trying our best to hunt down the opposition.

Signing off for now, need to catch some rays


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