Monster Project

Close Racing with Caro

Date: 21/10/13

Time:  05:00

Location: 38.14.37N 12.42.68E

This is a short one as we’re about to lose phone signal and im pretty busy onboard. Some real testing times over the last 4 hours. A shut down followed by a the wind building to 15 knots under Code 0 where we peeled to a J2 and its now died to nothing again. When we do have breeze in the 2-3 knot region it is very very unstable and has often tacked the boat without warning. We’ve lost a lot of ground recently and we can see how much the pack ahead are pulling away from us. We’re eager to play catch up, we just can’t get past Tripoli to get into the pressure.

To make matters worse our keel issue has raised its head again. The port ram seems to have blown a seal from the loading it was under at the start. We’re down on hydraulic fluid again but we have a plan in place that should see us get to the finish. Finger crossed!

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