From Bavaria MLT52 Windward. DH class.
Had a great crossing to capo passero leading the Maltese DoubleHanded fleet and match racing with another 2 class 40’s one of which was Patricia Ita 86 who started in our group but ¬†just sailing with a crew of 4. In mid channel we had 2 hair raising moments , close encounters with 2 ships . We called them up on VHF and they assured us that they will change course but still ended up going closer than 100ft to us !! Other yachts sailing in close company at capo passero were XPAct and the Volvo 60 Big One.
Just off passero lighthouse we were doing 9 kts under code 0 in a 13 knot SE  wind when suddenly the wind increased to 17 kts and our code 0 halyard chafed at the masthead block and glided into the see to leeward of us . We only lost 0.4 of a nautical mile behind Patricia until we sorted the mess and pulled the 16o Sqm sail from the water. Luckily no damage to our sail but we will have to wait until morning before we can rig a new halyard .
I will try to send some pics in another mail.
Anthony camilleri & Andrew Agius Delicata

Best regards
Anthony Camilleri

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