After lightnings, rain and strong wind, we managed to sail well into the transition from the north easterly to south easterly winds. This gave us the advantage to catch-up and go through approximately 35 miles in the hours of the night. The sea is still relatively flat which made it easy to fly through. Quite a difference to the early days of no wind – we nearly forgot what the sensation was to zoom by at that speed! A whole 10 to 12 knots of boat speed – sweet and wonderful for Rán II, she is loving it, more than light winds…Still pitch dark, the lightning light up the entire sky. Nice compensation since the moon had retreated in the clouds long time before. The entire Rán team is on deck, ready for the last 15 miles or so to the finish, harbour of Valetta, Malta. Hopefully the small current will be with us to the finish. The kettle is on, coffee and teas are going round, breakfast will be for later. Amazing ride – Go Rán, Go!

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