ARTIE still strong

After just over 3 days of racing the mood onboard Artie RTFX is still strong despite the very light winds & very slow pace. The last two nights have been a true test of nerves, patience & concentration. We managed to keep a decent boat speed through out the first 24 hours & had a lovely run, under A4 heading for Stromboli, after exiting the Straits of Messina at 1425hr on Sunday.

This is when the going started to get tough due to the very light conditions. It was a pleasure finally hearing the rumble of Stomboli’s
active volcano & the lava show kept our minds off our slow boat speed. All
Monday & Tuesday were pretty much more of the same. No wind, little boat speed & an anxious feeling that the competition is creeping up on us.
We are currently at Capo San Vito, heading for Levanzo doing a constant 5
knots boat speed. That’s it for now from Artie RTFX’s attempt to
send another update when we are in GSM range of Pantelleria.
Matthew Gusman, Navigator Artie RTFX

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