We are nearly closing the 2nd day at sea on Rán II in the Rolex Middle Sea Race 2012. We are still 80 or so miles till Trappani, going at the amazing speed of 5 full knots of boat speed! We are flying compared to earlier in the day. That means we should be at Trappani in 16 hours or so, middle of the night. Then we will have reached only half way of this race. This is the slowest offshore race Rán II has sailed… New experience for some. We are cutting on food rations as we will not have enough until arrival whenever that will be, and not what we expected at last weather report last friday. When the wind is here, it is for a very short time so it could even be later than that. The sea state is flat and calm. The boat glides gently on the water. For those off watch in their bunks down below, the noise of the water on the carbon fibre hull sounds like an endless water fountain. At first one could think that it is raining. On the contrary; the weather is warm, very sunny. Stig, our direct competition is at visible distance. With Stig, we have been match racing since the start of the race. Taking each other over when we can. We are now in the lead, until they take over again! At least some happening in this un-eventful part of the race so far.

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