All good on ‘Dinah’ ten miles south of the Straits of Messina. Incredibly hot and sticky in these light airs downwind conditions. I hate to think of how uncomfortable it must be fully crewed. We made some good calls last night in the dark and moved up within the fleet. Now we have to hang on to the pack of bigger boats we are in. Great for us to have so many bigger boats around to pace against as it keeps us pushing hard all the time. We’re lining up nicely for positive current through the straits, and doing ok against the other double handed boats so far, but on this race that can all change very quickly.
We’ve been joined by quite a few small birds, some of whom are strangely tame like the one in the picture. This one decided to leave when his perch was shaken during a gybe. Strangely for this part of the world, we have no marine life sightings to report so far.
Wish I had more exciting news to share, but everything is happening very slowly out here for now.

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