Teasing Machine

Teasing Machine third to messina

After 22 hours of racing, teasing machine and his crew just came out of the dread strait of messina. At the first crossing point at capopassero, the machine was pointed in 6th position in time offset in the standings behind some beautiful units in the image of rambler or wild Joe. After having opted for a navigation along the south coast of Sicily and then a road almost directly to the strait of messina, this is closest to the Italian coast that Eric of türkheim and Laurent Pagès have found their way through this Passage of history here. On the way out to the third place at the crossing point of messina, the a13 teasing machine will now do cape to a place symbolic of this rolex middle sea race namely ile stromboli and his volcano still in business. A navigation of forty miles which should take place in conditions and light enough, with a wind unstable in strength and direction. The Hierarchy of this 2016 Edition of the middle sea race starts quietly in place. We’re gonna have to show the greatest patience and unwavering navigation to keep the top of the standings and make a difference at the right time.

Beautiful day to you gentlemen and tonight for a new point.

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