Sunday October 23rd

During the night our tactician #RJ_official decided to do some tacks to get us in a better position in our own field. This worked out as planned, getting the Skye from the back fleet up to the main fleet. Then the wind build >14 knots, some dolphins showed up along the boat for a short time and in the morning the wind backed down to zero. Making it a very peaceful though not to exciting morning, trying to find wind to push us to the limits again.

Now it’s October 23rd 11am, 24h after the start, sailing with 6 knots wind, 4 knots speeds, in the direction of the Messina strait. Killing time with eating, concentrate with steering and the endless sowing to repair our asymmetric, enjoying the views and getting ready for some more wind later today. The Skye’s full of stars, ready to shine more and more!

Nautor’s Swan 53 – Skye


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