As forecast, a strong Low with accompanying severe weather has developed over the race track today. Winds of 35-45 knots and extremely rough seas are expected today, and are forecast to last thru Friday.
While gut-wrenching, the decision to withdraw from the Race and seek safe shelter has proven to be the correct one, as both crew and boat are safely in harbor and the race course is experiencing increasingly dangerous conditions. All involved are marginally surprised at how fast this severe weather system has developed, but are also relieved to have identified it in time to act accordingly.
The decision to withdraw was additionally validated last night, as during the northern transit to safety in Naples, and despite the fact that the severe system was still in its early stages of development, Dorade encountered very strong breeze in excess of 30 knots and very rough and confused seas, creating extreme sailing conditions that tested the boat.
Our thoughts and prayers  go out to any boats and crews still caught out on the race course, and we remain hopeful that all return safely to harbor.

— Matt Wachowicz

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