Having felt like we’d spent forever on a bearing of 240ish (or at least Monday night and the whole of Tuesday) we finally rounded the north western corner of Sicily and in between Favignana/Maretimo in the early hours of Wed morning. Had some decent wind heading towards Pantalleria, but not as much as we’re expecting later today and tomorrow. We’ve recently had a 180 degree wind shift and are expecting breeze build from here. It should be an interesting final day or so.

Everyone in good spirits so far, especially as we’ve been able to increase food/snackage intake as we get closer to home. Some entertaining banter and also good crew work. Sadly seen little wildlife other than a couple of brief visits from dolphins, a few birds and a large number of moths, bugs, etc.

Only an hour or so from Pantalleria now, when we’ll be bearing off and preparing for the anticipated 25-30 knots.

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