We had a lovely spell of 8+ knots boatspeed under the A1 after Messina until the wind died in the morning, with a frustrating day (Monday) to follow with more sail changes between A1, J1 and A0, trying to get to Stromboli. We had plenty of boats around us, all pointing in different directions across the course and with differing sail plans. Still, we managed to get round the volcano and it’s little brother just before sunset on Monday in a gentle puff, just enough to hold the A1 again. Perfect timing to watch the fireworks provided by the volcano.

Natural fireworks were the theme of Monday night. After Stromboli’s display, we saw developing electrical storms to the north and the west, which fortunately never got close enough to worry us, but occasionally kicked a bit of wind in our direction. Of course, there were also a huge number of shooting stars. It’s quite impressive the amount of shooting stars you see when you only have the masthead windex to steer by. We had various spells of wind during the night, but mostly light and having barely moved fir the last hours of the darkness we were treated to a stunning sunrise over the north of Sicily – the islands of Filicudi and Alicudi, etc.

Now heading towards the north western end of Sicily and Favignana under the A1 again.

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