Team Unica

Jamie and John meet some friends on the way!


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Marina de Cascais – Giulietta

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Team Maverick

Hello Team Maverick fans,

Well as I write this it is 0600 on the morning of the 24th. We have made much better progress than anticipated in our pre departure routing and briefings.

The race so far has been great for us. We have been working tirelessly to keep the yacht moving with her optimal sail plan. We have only seven crew on-board which means everyone gets up for every maneuver.

There have been a couple of interesting transition zones so far (and we are currently hopefully on the way out of one) but our new spinnaker staysail has been fantastic as a drifter/ SS combo.

The routing initially suggested that we would not have any foiling action. I am pleased to announce this has not been the case with our top speed being around 18kts yesterday while running under the A1.5.

As with any new yacht we have had to work really hard on improving the reliability of some of the systems. The team has done a great job and so far everything has been working as it should. The water maker, hydraulics, sat Comms, GSM comms, engine etc have all been behaving at the same time. A first a race! This means we have really been able to concentrate on performance and experiment with ideas.

Anyway I hope this blog finds you all well….

Goodbye from the good ship Maverick

“A wise man learns from his mistakes, a genius learns from others mistakes” anon

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Benemedo Sailing Team

We cross Messina at 5:30 p.m. with strong wind up to 30 knots. We are continuing to Stromboli with wind up to 15 knots.

Here is the video from crossing the storm with 30 knots wind before Messina.

Benemedo Sailing Team at Messina

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Team Maverick

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Teasing Machine

Teasing Machine third to messina

After 22 hours of racing, teasing machine and his crew just came out of the dread strait of messina. At the first crossing point at capopassero, the machine was pointed in 6th position in time offset in the standings behind some beautiful units in the image of rambler or wild Joe. After having opted for a navigation along the south coast of Sicily and then a road almost directly to the strait of messina, this is closest to the Italian coast that Eric of türkheim and Laurent Pagès have found their way through this Passage of history here. On the way out to the third place at the crossing point of messina, the a13 teasing machine will now do cape to a place symbolic of this rolex middle sea race namely ile stromboli and his volcano still in business. A navigation of forty miles which should take place in conditions and light enough, with a wind unstable in strength and direction. The Hierarchy of this 2016 Edition of the middle sea race starts quietly in place. We’re gonna have to show the greatest patience and unwavering navigation to keep the top of the standings and make a difference at the right time.

Beautiful day to you gentlemen and tonight for a new point.

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Marina de Cascais – Giulietta

Some video footage shared by the Giuletta crew

Marina de Cascais – Giulietta

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Marina de Cascais – Giulietta

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Bouwe Bekking, Helm, VO70 Trifork

Dutch ocean racer, Bouwe Bekking is taking part in the Rolex Middle Sea Race this year for the second time. For the 37th edition he is helm on the VO70 Trifork, having previously raced the course on Morning Glory in 2006 when the 86-foot Maxi won Overall on corrected time.

“The weather was really light that year, but good memories. The Rolex Middle Sea Race is a great way to end the Med season. It has all the challenges, especially with the corners you have to get around. At each one there is something new happening,” comments Bekking.

Armed with huge experience from the Volvo Ocean Race – he’s done the race seven times – and other classic races, Bekking knows full well what to expect on the Rolex Middle Sea Race: “It doesn’t matter how big your boat, how many races you have done or the level you sail at. You have to take this race seriously. Everyone likes to win, but just to get around the course you have to be well-prepared.”

Looking at this year: “The Volvo 70 is a nice boat to sail with a bit of breeze and the race looks ok for the moment, but you always know that around Sicily there is likelihood of some tricky zones. The island is so high and creates areas of microclimate, so conditions do not always pan out as you expect.”

Bekking will be in good company for the race: “Many of the crew have sailed together in round the world races, so we all know each other well and we know the boat. Even though we’ve not had a lot of time together, it should not be too hard to get the boat going.”

Picking out special moments on the race is hard, according to Bekking: “The start and finish of the race are truly spectacular, but frankly really the whole course is great. You sail in sight of land a lot of the time, and the scenery is magnificent.”

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