Rosalba IMOCA 60 approaching Stromboli (Gregg Parker)

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Team Maverick

Photo Credit: Hannah Cotterell’

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After a spectacular night-time passage of the Stromboli volcano, the heated battle between Maserati Multi70 and Phaedo3 continues off the Aeolian Islands. The English craft has been leading the Rolex Middle Sea Race since the start, but currently the two trimarans are racing about 18 miles apart in a 10-knot SE off Salina and Filicudi. MaseratiMulti70 is making a speed of 21 knots (381 miles from Malta) while Phaedo3 is making 19.1 (363 miles from Malta). The weather conditions will remain stable as far as Palermo but just before San Vito Lo Capo, the wind will freshen and turn southerly so that the two MOD70s will be sailing increasing into the wind and will have to beat all the way to Malta.

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Sunday October 23rd

During the night our tactician #RJ_official decided to do some tacks to get us in a better position in our own field. This worked out as planned, getting the Skye from the back fleet up to the main fleet. Then the wind build >14 knots, some dolphins showed up along the boat for a short time and in the morning the wind backed down to zero. Making it a very peaceful though not to exciting morning, trying to find wind to push us to the limits again.

Now it’s October 23rd 11am, 24h after the start, sailing with 6 knots wind, 4 knots speeds, in the direction of the Messina strait. Killing time with eating, concentrate with steering and the endless sowing to repair our asymmetric, enjoying the views and getting ready for some more wind later today. The Skye’s full of stars, ready to shine more and more!

Nautor’s Swan 53 – Skye


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Benemedo Sailing Team

Crew and the boat has a perfect sailing from Valletta to Malta in gradient wind aroud 15 knots. We had a gennaker up and it was a perfect sailing. Now we are changing the shifts and preparing for what weather will night prepare :)

Night and day 2 - We went finally out to the see, expecting east wind but there was a still west, south west and better was to stay close to cost. Now we are heading to Messina with the wind around 8 knots.

Greetings to all competitors and good luck!

Jakub OBR Benemedo Sailing Team

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Patricia 2 Team Pogo

Having just past Mt Etna the wind completely left us and we sat in a hole with so many boats it resembled a car park.  while the racing is slow now but still intense we managed to say buongiono to a few crews sailing within 10 meters of us.  We are loving having so many boats around us. I can count 22 within 4mils.

Lots of fun to be had.  Bring on the wind and get us through the straights… Please

Lucas Bertrand

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Rolex Middle Sea Race – Day 1

Skye full of stars

Saturday October 22nd

This is the day of the beginning of our RMSR adventure. After a couple of days teambuilding, getting familiar with the boat and being trained to push the Skye to its limits we were excited to go for the open sea. The plan for the next few days is to round Sicily, Stromboli, Favignana, Pantelleria and Lampedusa, and finally getting back to our starting point Valletta, Malta.

So we came together with the team at 8am to prepare the last things on the boat and leaving for Valletta Grand Harbour for the start of the race. As we were told it was crowded with the most beautiful sailing yachts and crowded of people getting ready for the big start. Seen from our perspective an impressive moment took place when, after the first starting signal and a short delay of our start, a canon shot was the sign for us to pass the starting-line. It appeared to be our first big challenge to get out of the port, being a big wind hole. Meanwhile we’re broadcasting a livestream on Facebook to show our fans back home (and on the rest of the world, let’s not be shy) what we were busy with. After leaving the port we had to round two buoys at the coast of Malta and then go for open sea, next land in sight would be southeast Sicily.

On open sea, reaching with our asymmetric, the kite tore forcing us to get the sail down and continue our race with the genoa. Slowly the sun was setting and again an amazing sight with sailing yachts on a mirroring sea was part of our sea racing experience. Just before the night fell our famous skipper Willem van Liebergen introduced our shift schedule, showing us who and when were going to be responsible for the boat during the race giving the other crew members the opportunity to get some rest.

Nautor’s Swan 53 – Skye


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Team Maverick

It’s on! With a great start over the line and a stronger breeze than expected check out some of the action from this morning’s Rolex Middle Sea Race start.

Team Maverick Rolex Middle Sea Race Start highlights 2016

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Team Unica, racing double handed – Jamie Sammut and John Cachia sent their thanks to all for their support!

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